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We are a reputed immigration advisory firm, which mainly deals in Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Spousalsponsorship / Spouse Visa, Family Visa / Super Visa for Canada, Schegen, Australia, UK, and USA. We have — branches all over Punjab. Visa Birds is a visa master firm in Jalandhar giving an outlet to covetous and proficient customers.

We have got a number of tourist, spouse as well as student visa clients successfully settled across various destinations abroad. Our trained visa councillors provide required help and proper assistance about visa requirements and process at our office. Our main aim is to make dreams of students and people, who intend to go to any country on tourist visa, come true with a proper guidance and pursuance. Our firm is established with trust, as our main aim is to provide all the services from initial counselling to the approval of visa to the clients. Read more

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Student visa


Canada is a bilingual country, which makes studying here an excellent opportunity to develop your language skills and


Are you an Indian student preparing to study in the UK? Get your student visa questions answered here.


Every year, the number of international students in the US increases year by year as more and more students wants to


Australia is the Growing Destination as many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity,

New Zealand

The educational system in New Zealand is one of the best in the world. According to surveys, the education system of New

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Spouse Visa



Students from India are increasingly choosing to study abroad. India's most popular destination to study abroad (apart from USA) is countries such as Canada, New Zealand, U.K. & Australia. France and Singapore are also seeing significant increases from India.

Pre Departure Briefings

Visa Birds offers pre and post departure services to students who wants to go to abroad for their higher studies and organize get together for its students giving them an opportunity to meet others heading towards the same University or Country.

Post Arrival Problem Solving

We are in touch with the Universities/ Colleges/institutions to ensure that our students will not face any kind of problem regarding his/her stay like accommodation, course, etc and hence provide enough support to them in their arrival stages in a new country when things would be new and unfamiliar.

Interview Prepration

You've been approved by university and college by getting offer letter and now it's time to schedule your interview at the embassy. Before you go to your interview, there are a few important steps you’ll have to take.